Katerina Yordanova

Katerina is a lawyer specializing in the area of human rights law in the digital environment and business and human rights.

At the Centre for IT & IP Law, Katerina is carrying out research in the area of artificial intelligence and its implications on human rights, smart manufacturing, and business and human rights in the context of digital supply chains. She also has interests in novel approaches to the regulation of disruptive technologies. Katerina is currently involved in the Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets (SeCoIIA) project where she is developing an accountability framework for business and human rights in Industry 4.0 with a particular focus on human rights due diligence and remediation mechanisms.

Katerina holds a Magister Juris degree from the University of Sofia, an advanced LL.M in International and European Public Law from KU Leuven and a postgraduate degree in English Law and EU Law from the University of Cambridge. Katerina was also the recipient of a merit-based scholarship from Leibniz Universität Hannover to participate in the International Summer School in IT law.

Katerina has gained experience in both the private and the public sector. She has worked with international law offices in the area of corporate and commercial law, contract law and criminal law. She also has worked for the United Nations and non-governmental organisations in the domain of human rights law, digital rights and corporate social responsibility. Katerina has experience in project management, human rights risk assessment and stakeholder analysis and coordination.

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