Keith Waehrer

Keith Waehrer specializes in mergers, monopolization claims, and calculations of reasonable royalties and antitrust damages. He has served as a testifying expert, submitted expert reports, and testified at deposition and at trial. Dr. Waehrer is also an expert in the analysis of competitive effects in auction markets and has written highly regarded papers on the subject.

As a visiting partner at E.CA Economics in Berlin, Germany, Dr. Waehrer also worked on a number of significant matters before the EC and numerous national competition authorities in Europe.

Prior to joining Bates White, Dr. Waehrer was a research economist with the Antitrust Division of the US DOJ, where he provided economic analysis in connection with numerous merger investigations and civil and criminal antitrust matters. Dr. Waehrer served as an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Economist Insight, and Bonneville Power Administration. His academic career includes teaching posts at the University of Maryland, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, Brigham Young University, and Rutgers University.

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