Mike Moiseyev

Michael Moiseyev, a partner in the Washington, D.C. office, has a broad antitrust practice encompassing investigations and litigation with a focus on transactions. Prior to joining Weil, he served for over 30 years at the Federal Trade Commission, including 16 years as Assistant Director leading the Mergers I division in the Bureau of Competition.

At the FTC, Michael was regularly called on to participate in many of the agency's most significant merger policy initiatives. Most recently, that work has included: the Vertical Merger Guidance Task Force whose work culminated in the recently issued Vertical Merger Guidelines; the portion of the “Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century” relating to Acquisitions of Nascent and Potential Competitors in Digital Technology Markets; and the “FTC's Merger Remedies 2006-2012” report. His work has been recognized by the FTC through numerous awards and he is a five-time recipient of the agency's Janet Steiger Team award.

Michael also has significant experience engaging with foreign competition authorities, such as the European Commission, the UK Competition Markets Authority, the Canada Competition Bureau, and numerous others. His international antitrust work has also included representing the FTC at the 2020 meeting of the International Competition Network Merger Working Group meeting in Australia, frequent participation in the FTC's international technical assistance program, and a secondment to the OECD's Competition Law and Policy Section. He is frequently invited to present on antitrust topics before government, industry and legal audiences.

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