Csongor István Nagy

Csongor István Nagy is professor of law at and the head of the Department of Private International Law at the University of Szeged. He is admitted to the Budapest Bar and arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration attached to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Budapest.

He is recurrent visiting professor at the Central European University (Budapest/New York), the Sapientia University of Transylvania (Romania) and the Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia). He is associate member at the Centre for Private International Law at the University of Aberdeen. He had visiting appointments in New York (Cornell University), the Hague (Asser Institute), Munich (twice, Max Planck Institute), Hamburg (Max Planck Institute), Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh), London (British Institute of International and Comparative Law), Bloomington, Indiana (Indiana University), Brisbane, Australia (TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland) and the China-EU School of Law, Beijing.

He has more than 180 publications in English, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian and (in translation) in Croatian and Spanish. His works have been widely cited, for instance, in European Court of Justice cases and by Hungarian courts.

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