Christine Seung Hee Park

Christine Seung Hee Park is a Consultant in digital economy and competition policy at Cade’s Department of Economic Studies.

Christine has also served as a Consultant in competition policy and international organizations at Cade’s International Unit, advising the Brazilian antitrust authority in its process to become an associate member of the OECD’s Competition Committee. In that position, Christine worked extensively in the 2019 OECD Peer Review of Brazil’s Competition Law and Policy, and was later responsible for the translation of the OECD report to Portuguese.

Christine has also worked in private practice as an attorney in competition and international trade, and has participated in the Brazilian Permanent Mission to the WTO (DELBRASOMC)’s Training Program on International Trade in Geneva. Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of São Paulo and a master’s degree in Law and Development from FGV Direito São Paulo.