Vinicius Marques De Carvalho has served as President of the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense – CADE (2012-2016), Secretary of Economic Law (2011-2012), Commissioner at CADE (2008-2011) and Vice-Chair of the International Competition Network (2013-2016). Besides taking part in decisions and investigations of several cases in a wide variety of economic sectors, he was responsible for negotiating the approval of the new antitrust law in Brazil and for overseeing its implementation.

He holds a PhD in Commercial Law from the University of Sao Paulo and in Public Comparative Law from the University Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne). He was a Lemann Fellow and a Yale Greenberg World Fellow. He is a Professor of Commercial Law at the University of São Paulo and a partner at VMCA (Sao Paulo, Brasil).

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