Zenon Zabinski

Zenon Zabinski is an economist specializing in analysis of competition and antitrust issues, with a particular focus on the healthcare industry. He has extensive experience applying a broad range of economic tools and empirical methods in assessing market power and examining the effects of firm conduct, including horizontal and vertical consolidation as well as monopolization practices, on competition and consumers.

Within healthcare, Dr. Zabinski has worked on a variety of merger and monopolization matters involving payers, providers, and pharmacy benefit managers. His prior engagements in other industries include analysis of competition in television broadcasting, mobile telecommunications, federal government contracting, and e-commerce. He has supported both private parties and government agencies, including the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and state attorneys general, in investigations and litigation. In addition, he has performed economic analysis informing client strategy and public policy decisions.

Dr. Zabinski has conducted research in industrial organization, healthcare economics, and public policy. His writings have appeared in the American Journal of Health Economics, Antitrust Law Journal, and CPI Antitrust Chronicle and have been featured by the New York Times.