CPI Blog o’ Blogs May2016

A busy month of April and early May brings a mixture of past troubles and future initiatives for which the Antitrust world must prepare for, with privacy, domination and market definition concerns dominating the spring.
A “Quick Look” for Per Se Illegal Conduct
Last week I attended at the ABA Antitrust Spring meeting, which is the highlight of the year for many in the antitrust bar. Excellent panels, renewing old friendships and making new ones, and open bars at the many receptions– what’s not to like. One program that is always my favorite is the Chair’s Showcase. This year the topic was the Per Se rule.
Robert Connolly (Cartel Capers)

Merger control and mobile phone operators, or the limits of competition law and sector-specific regulation
Now available on the FTC website: the Bureau of Competition’s Health Care Division has posted updated versions of our three overviews of FTC enforcement actions and policy work in the health care sector…
Saralisa Brau & Linda Blumenreich (Bureau of Competition)

What China’s new food safety law might mean for consumers and businesses
Food safety is not a problem unique to China, though it is certainly one of the country’s most pressing and persistent challenges. On April 28, 2016, the John L. Thornton China Center hosted a public event to discuss food safety in China and what new regulations might mean for consumers and businesses. Lin Fu (Brookings)

FTC Suffers Setback in Campaign to Slow the Rising T


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