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Amazon v. Parler: A Non-Antitrust Dispute

Amazon v. Parler: A Non-Antitrust Dispute

By Marianela Lopez-Galdos, Project Disco As antitrust continues to gain momentum in relation to the tech sector, lawyers...
Antitrust Remedies for Big Tech

Antitrust Remedies for Big Tech

By Herbert Hovenkamp, The Regulatory Review The U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and several states attorneys general...

Platform Mergers and Antitrust

By Geoffrey Parker (Dartmouth College), Georgios Petropoulos (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & Marshall W. Van Alstyne (Boston University) Platform...

An Antitrust History Lesson

By The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal Five years ago the Federal Trade Commission broke up the Staples- Office Depot...

Comments on draft CMA Merger Assessment Guidelines

By Dr Andrea Calef, Professor Stephen Davies, Dr Elias Deutscher, Professor Bruce Lyons & Professor Peter Ormosi (Centre for Competition Policy)
Big Tech

Now Republicans and Democrats alike want to rein in Big Tech

By Kiran Stacey and Hannah Murphy  In banning Donald Trump, Twitter and Facebook hoped to quell complaints — from Democrats and...
Big Tech

Capitol Riot Puts More Scrutiny on Big Tech

By Ryan Tracy & John D. McKinnon The storming of the Capitol by President Trump’s supporters is expected to turbocharge Congressional efforts to...

Market structure, investment and quality in the mobile industry

By Ofcom This report looks at empirical evidence on the relationship between market structure, investment and quality in mobile...

Antitrust Damages’ Claims in Spain

By Francisco Marcos (IE Law School) After briefly describing the institutional and legal framework for antitrust damages claims in...

Challenges and Pitfalls in Cartel Fining

By Marcel Boyer (CIRANO), Anne Catherine Faye (Analysis Group, Inc.), Eric Gravel & Rachidi Kotchoni (Université Paris Nanterre) We...


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