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Competition Policy International (CPI) is an independent knowledge-sharing organization focused on the diffusion of the most relevant antitrust information and content worldwide. We recognize the importance of intellectually sound and balanced debates and aim to promote them across the world in the most innovative ways.

Our mission is to create a truly global community of antitrust experts to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas at the highest level possible.

Created and managed by leaders in the competition policy community, CPI delivers timely commentary and analysis on antitrust and global competition policy matters through a variety of media and applications.


CPI releases daily, weekly and monthly antitrust focused publications. Our works reach out to more than 30,000 readers among enforcers, judges, lawyers, economists, academics, in over 150 countries.

We have more than 15,000 authors who contribute thought-provoking articles each month thought-provoking articles on the most relevant aspects of antitrust law & economics.

The Antitrust Chronicle, our signature publication, is released bimonthly and consists of articles written by leading experts in competition law and economics. Articles focus on issues on a specific topic at the forefront of competition law and policy debates. Check all the issues here

CPI Columns are released regularly to provide up-to-date analysis on the most current antitrust issues. Our Columns have regional and topical coverage. Read more here.

CPI also publishes books. Our books available in hard-cover, paperback, and electronic format. Check what’s new from our bookshelf.

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CPI devotes great effort to creating a truly global antitrust community where people can share knowledge, develop ideas, and connect with other professionals in their field.

We promote solid antitrust dialogue through our events that we conduct all around the world.

  • Conferences

Since 2018, we have held an annual conference at Harvard Law School to discuss the challenges to antitrust in a changing economy.

CPI has also launched a global conference project to dive into the steps needed for dynamic competition in dynamic markets. We started in Australia with a conference at Melbourne Law School. The next chapter will be in Brussels, Belgium.

All our conferences are streamed live.

  • Roundtables

Every year, we hold private roundtables to facilitate discussions on specific topics attended by selected antitrust experts around the world. CPI is the only private organization with a permanent presence at the annual meeting of the International Competition Network (ICN).

The Latest locations include Singapore, Porto, New Delhi, Cartagena, Sydney, Paris, London, etc.

Participants in our events include well-known economists, academics, lawyers as well as enforcers and in-house counsels.

Learn more about our live events here.

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CPI develops its antitrust content through various media tools.

You can listen to our Chronicles on the go. Check our CPI Audio series here.

You can watch what key-antitrust experts have to say about crucial topics on our CPI Talks, conducted globally. Watch them here.

CPI is “social” too. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and stay connected.


CPI devotes great effort to creating an antitrust community network where people can easily gain access to other professionals in their field.

CPI makes thousands of profiles available to our users, including lawyers, economists, academics, regulators, judges, institutions, and private companies to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opportunities.

Join our global community of antitrust experts here.

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