About Us

Competition Policy International (CPI) provides comprehensive resources and continuing education for the global antitrust and competition policy community. Created and managed by leaders in the competition policy community, CPI delivers timely commentary and analysis on antitrust and global competition policy matters through a variety of media and applications.

Our Publications:

Our publications reach readers in over 150 countries. Competition Policy International is a peer-reviewed academic journal, published biannually both online and in print. It has established itself as one of the leading antitrust journals in the world. The Antitrust Chronicle (formerly GCP Magazine) is an online-only bimonthly magazine that produces papers on topical competitive policy topics. Articles from both publications can be found online at www.competitionpolicyinternational.com.

CPI is also present in book publishing. Our first book, Trustbusters, includes chapters from the senior officials of the world’s competition agencies, presenting a discussion of competition activity and administration in each of their countries. Our second book, Platforms Economics, is a seminal book on multi-sided businesses including essays from world leading economists. A highly regarded free publication available at CPI is our Essay on the Economics of Two-Sided Markets.

The CPI Learning Center:

We also operate the CPI Learning Center, offering courses, seminars and valuable reading material to the global competition policy community. CPI Learning Center courses are targeted to anyone who needs to enhance their understanding of competition policy fundamentals and/or learn more about cutting-edge topics in the field. Our multi-session courses provide in-depth instruction on need-to-know subjects in the antitrust field. To date, we’ve offered courses on statistics, economics, econometrics, two-sided enterprises, collusion, and network organizations.

In all cases, professors will include court judgments, competition authority decisions, advances in economics, and other key changes in the practice of antitrust/competition policy. Most courses take a global perspective, integrating US, EU, and other national developments in antitrust and competition policy.

Courses are offered via the latest internet technology. Our courses offer CLE credit in many states; readings and other reference materials will be available for all participants, including live streamed content and unique access to valuable resources.

The CPI Learning Center also provides free access to our Briefing Rooms, which are thematic platforms dedicated to ‘hot tub’ meetings with top-notch antitrust experts. Briefing Rooms offer a unique window through which to share views and spread knowledge within the antitrust community. The community can also help position specific topics such as financial services, online platforms, telecommunications or any other subject among regulators, judges and practitioners. Briefing Rooms are set up and design ad hoc for each topic and normally include readings, webinars and other material.

Antitrust Community

CPI devotes great effort to creating an antitrust community network where people can easily gain access to other professionals in their field.

CPI makes thousands of profiles available to our users, including lawyers, economists, academics, regulators, judges, institutions and private companies to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opportunities among themselves. If you would like to be included in our network, please subscribe and share your contact details and bio with us.