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The January 2022 CPI Antitrust Chronicle® includes articles based on presentations from the Special Policy Sessions (“SPS”) organized by CRESSE in collaboration with CPI in September 3-5, 2021. The contributions here include articles by a number of prominent economists and legal experts. The 2021 SPSs focused on the following topics:

Policy Design in Digital Ecosystems

Digital Disruption in Banking

Digital Markets: Big Data, Privacy Protection and AI

Systematically incorporating innovation in Competition Law Enforcement

Competition Policy Enforcement in Digital Markets: the case of BRICS

Screens, Presumption and Efficiencies in Merger Review

Digital Ecosystems: issues related to vertical relations

Enforcing Against Anticompetitive Behaviour in Labor Market

Algorithms and Competition Policy

CRESSE (, is an international network of academics and other professionals, with an interest in competition policy and sectoral regulation. Every year, CRESSE organizes an international conference in Greece that is now widely recognized as one of the leading academic conferences in the economics of competition policy and regulation worldwide. CRESSE conferences offer an unparalleled breadth of academic insight, combined with topical policy discussions and insights into the most recent enforcement developments and challenges in the main jurisdictions around the world. The insights offered are relevant to enforcers, practiti


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