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This edition of the Antirust Chronicle features contributions from States Attorneys General and their staff throughout the U.S.

It is widely underappreciated that States Attorneys General form an essential part of the “nuts and bolts” of antitrust enforcement. The contributions to this Chronicle shed a much-needed spotlight on their vital role, both on an intellectual and practical enforcement capacity.

We lead off this Chronicle with an edition of our CPI Talks interviews with Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser.

Paula BlizzardBrian WangPeter AdelsonMatthew Maeder &Tom Zick discuss how competition and monopoly power in technology platforms have become global issues in the past decade. Challenges brought by various authorities to those platforms have struggled to adapt the antitrust laws to new technological and economic realities. This article elucidates on these challenges and proposes some practical solutions. Delving into the nuts and bolts, Christina Grey elucidates how both federal and state enforcers begin treating non-compete and no-poach agreements to be anti-competitive in violation of the Sherman Act. Matthew Michaloski discusses the uniquely common law concept of “parens patriae” and how it interacts with broader law enforcement concepts, from the point of view of a state-level enforcer.

On a broader level, Amy N. L. Hanson reflects on how history shows th


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