Antitrust in a Digital World: Does It Work? – Episode 3

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Below, we have provided the full transcript of the third episode of our series Antitrust in a Digital World: Does It Work?. Read below to see the discussion about Analyzing the Antitrust Remedies in Digital Markets.

Graham DUFAULT Speaker


Hello and good afternoon. My name is Graham Dufault, and I am the senior director of public policy for ACT | The App Association. And for those who are not familiar, the App association represents and advocates for about 5,000 small to mid-sized mobile software and connected device companies in the app economy. We’re all around the world, and our member companies have a number of different interests. We advocate on issues from privacy, competition, digital health, and workforce development. So welcome to the third installment of our series on antitrust and platforms in the digital economy. This one is called Analyzing the Antitrust Remedies in Digital Markets. And today’s discussion is especially interesting because we are going to dive into what the potential remedies are for perceived antitrust issues surrounding digital platforms and all their different shapes and sizes.

So, while the previous panels discussed how governments overseas are dealing with antitrust issues in digital markets versus how the US authorities are dealing with them, and then also how the U.S administration is looking at enforcement and reform in this area. This one’s really going to be looking at the merits of different proposals that wo


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