Antitrust in a Digital World: Does It Work? – Episode 4

cpi live Antitrust in the Digital World event cover

Below, we have provided the full transcript of the final episode of our series Antitrust in a Digital World: Does It Work?. Read below to see the discussion about Assessing the Global Approaches to Digital Platform Regulation through Antitrust.

Brian SCARPELLI Speaker


Hello everyone. Welcome to Episode Four of ACT The App Associations and Competition Policy Internationals Antitrust discussion series on competition in digital markets titled antitrust in the digital world does it work? During the four event series our invited expert panelists aim to explore key issues surrounding the application of antitrust in the digital world focusing on global trends in digital platform regulation. Other things like the widespread impact of the European Commission’s digital markets Act and also the new US Biden Harris administration’s approach to antitrust and others. My name is Brian Scarpelli. I’m a senior global policy counsel with ACT The App Association. ACT The Association is a not for profit trade association that represents 1000s of small business tech firms and software development companies around the world.

I’m pleased to take part today as the moderator. We’re very excited to be joined by Catherine Batchelor director of the UK competition and markets authorities digital Task force. Deputy Commissioner Hardin Ratshisusu with the Competition Commission of South Africa. Masayuki Matsui, economic section counselor with the Embassy of Japan in


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