Antitrust Policy in the 21st Century: Is There a Need for Reform? – Session 3

Below we have provided the full text transcript from the third panel of our recent roundtable discussions, Antitrust Policy in the 21st Century: Is There a Need for Reform?, from July 24.

Randall Picker Speaker

Randal PICKER:

Hi, I’m Randy Picker, and I’m a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. As the house is doing an investigation of digital marketplaces that’s been ongoing, they reached out to a number of people and said, “What do you think?” A number of us wrote submissions. When I wrote my submission, I tweeted it out and CPI reached out to me. I said oh, we should do some hearing, not hearings, but have some sessions on these. CPI reached out and that got us here. We’re doing four of these in July. It’s basically four Fridays in July.

We’re very excited. We reached out to two speakers each time. We have Bill Baer and Spencer Waller here today, and then a group of people to engage with them. This is the third such session. We’ve done two already, those are on the web. You can watch those at your leisure.

Speakers, you should identify any possible conflicts you have as we go to you. We’re going to go work our way around the room person by person. I don’t think I have any relevant conflicts, so I will leave it at that. With that, we’re going to start with Bill Baer.

Bill Baer Speaker

Bill BAER:

Thanks, Randy. Other than age, I have no real conflict to report. Thanks to you and to a CPI for organizing this. I was honored to be asked to contribute and to share the front end wi


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