In June, the EC published a draft proposal intended to both increase private antitrust enforcement, esp. damages actions, as well as improve conformity in national courts. As our guest editor Andreas Reindl—who has organized a sterling group of contributors—says in his introduction, “When the Commission drafts legislation in a controversial area with no prior history of EU involvement, where the Commission has no particular expertise, and where first legislative efforts might be seen as needlessly encroaching on Member State prerogatives, one can expect that not every individual provision will be warmly welcomed by all stakeholders. The diversity of views expressed in this symposium and elsewhere, including the sometimes critical reactions to the Commission’s proposal, is therefore not particularly remarkable.” We hope this symposium will help sharpen and hone that diversity.

EU Private Enforcement Proposals

Andreas Reindl, Aug 12, 2013

The European Commission’s Package on Private Enforcement in Competition Cases: Introduction to a CPI Antitrust Chronicle

What is remarkable, though, is that there appears to be no common understanding as regards the policy goals behind legislation on private competition law enforcement. Andreas Reindl (Leuphana University, Lneburg)

Daniele Calisti, Luke Haasbeek, Aug 12, 2013

The Proposal for a Directive on Antitrust Damages Actions: The European Commission Sets the Stage for Private Enforcement in the European Union



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