ASEAN Competition Law: Part I

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We’re proud to present a special two-part issue, ably organized and managed by Guest Editor Ian McEwin, on the developing ASEAN competition law community. In creating a new economic union, all 10 ASEAN member states agreed to have competition laws in place by the end of 2015. This first part highlights progress in Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand; next week, we’ll bring you Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. (Ian brings us up to date on Brunei and Laos in his introduction.) Whether exploring the new or existing laws, you’ll be current on the exciting growth in this global competition arena.


ASEAN Competition Law: Part I

R. Ian McEwin, Aug 17, 2015

Introduction to CPI Special Issue on ASEAN Competition Law

While there are many differences between the competition laws, increasing regional integration is likely to lead to greater uniformity and the development of institutional mechanisms to deal with cross-border competition disputes—but these developments are highly unlikely to lead to an ASEAN competition law regulator with supranational powers.R. Ian McEwin (University of Malaya)

David Fruitman, Aug 17, 2015

The Ongoing Development of Competition Law in Cambodia

Given Cambodia’s lack of experience in competition law and policy, I am personally hoping that Cambodia resists the urge to leap into competition enforcement. David Fruitman (DFDL)

Minn Naing Oo, Daren Shiau, Aug 17, 2015

Overview of Competition Law in Myanmar

It is critical for transitional economies to customize competition laws to that country’s specific features, which will have an impact on the manner in which Myanmar-based firms operate. Minn Naing Oo & Daren Shiau (Allen & Gledhill (Myanmar) Co., Ltd)

Deswin Nur, Aug 17, 2015

Understanding the Competition Law and Policy of Indonesia

Indonesian competition law has multiple objectives, namely public interest, national economic efficiency, equal opportunity, preventing unfair competition, and promoting effective and efficient business. Deswin NUR (KPPU, Indonesia)

Sakda Thanitcul, Aug 17, 2015

Competition Law in Thailand

Even though there have been nearly a hundred complaints over the past 16 years, to date there has yet to be any case filed, in relation to the Act, to the Court by any public attorney. Sakda Thanitcul (Chulalongkorn University)