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For our summer finale, we present an antipasto of three mini symposia. The first includes papers inspired by the recent OECD conference, two on network neutrality and one on best practices-or maybe worst practices would be more appropriate. The second updates some of our issues from previous months, including papers on credit rating agencies, the Sherman Act’s extraterritorial reach, the EU’s approach to Chinese Soe’s, and the historic Movil ruling in Mexico. Our third symposium delves into the continuing issue of the challenges developing countries face in developing competition policy; in this case, we look at Russia.

OECD Inspired: Network Neutrality & Best Practices

David Evans, Aug 30, 2011

Net Neutrality Regulation and the Evolution of the Internet Economy

Do we know enough to be sure that there are market failures that should be corrected or that policymakers could know enough about the present and future of the internet economy to devise regulations that would improve social welfare? (David S. Evans, Global Economics Group & UCL)

Frank Maier-Rigaud, Aug 30, 2011

Network Neutrality: A Competition Angle

Certain aspects associated with network neutrality, and linked not only to content and identity but also the blocking of certain content or applications, may raise serious competition concerns. (Frank Maier-Rigaud, OECD)

Caron Beaton-Wells, Brent Fisse, Aug 30, 2011

Australia’s Proposed Information Disclosure Legi


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