Blog o’ Blogs February

The middle of winter sees a thawing of cases, with regulators and intellectuals going into overdrive as new questions arise and old issues remain across the Antitrust world. Major tech companies face fire from markets old and new, as US (and global) authorities continue to adjust to changing attitudes on free movement, competition and national jurisdiction, as concerns such as security, sustainability and increasingly interconnected markets shift priorities.

Following a six year investigation into Google’s business practices in India, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) issued its ruling.Two things, in particular, are remarkable about the decision.
Geoffrey Manne (Truth on the Market)
DOJ Antitrust Division Mulls Changes to Indirect Purchaser Rules
This blog has discussed some of the dynamics created by the Supreme Court’s Hanover Shoe and Illinois Brick decisions and state “repealer” laws that attempt to undo their effect.  As it turns out, repealer states aren’t the only ones skeptical
David Kleban and Robert P. LoBue (UEA Competition Policy Blog)
On January 24, 2017, the European Commission announced that it had fined Qualcomm EUR 997,439,000. The Commission thinks that Qualcomm had abused its dominant position to become Apple’s sole s


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