Blog o’ Blogs January 19

January gets off to a rollicking start as major developments in global antitrust regulation drop, Antitrust continues to expand throughout the world (though not without its stumbles), and the competition and business communities grapple with the ever-growing influence of the Digital Economy over business as usual…

European Commission conference on ‘Shaping competition policy in an era of digitisation’: 5 key points and practical implications
The Commission’s big three worries: Data as a vital tool for doing business; platforms which control  access to important digital resources and then expand; killer acquisitions and other ways of blocking the path to innovation…
Grant Murray (Baker McKenzie/Kluwer Competition)

2018 in review: a selection of European competition law developments of interest (part I)
An exciting year it has been: from the European Commission’s infringement decisions in Google Android and in Qualcomm (excessive payments), to fines imposed in relation to restrictive vertical arrangements in connection with geo-blocking and RPM and commitments offered in the pay-TV investigation…
Christine Lavoie (Lavoie Legal)

A Comment on the Fugitive Disentitlement Doctrine
I have written before about the fugitive disentitlement doctrine and a recent case about the fugitive disentitlement doctrine caught my attention…
Robert Connolly (Cartel Capers)

The Australian approach to “consumer protection” policy is a threat to consumer welfare and fr


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