Blog o’ Blogs July

One case in particular is set to dominate the early summer, with major implications for the tech industry, global antitrust principles, and the world at large. Various points of view tackle the ‘Google Case’ decision, offering critiques and tracing the path ahead. Technology remains in the spotlight as we get new info on the growing lure of Blockchain to help tackle cartels (while exploring the technology’s own antitrust issues), and important media cases set precedents in Eastern European jurisdictions. A veritable collection of stimulating reads to help endure the heat, both physical and figurative, in the always smouldering world of Antitrust…

The EU’s Google Android antitrust decision falls prey to the nirvana fallacy
The European Commission launched its latest salvo against Google, issuing a decision in its three-year antitrust investigation into the company’s agreements for distribution of the Android mobile operating system….
Geoffrey Manne (Truth on the Market)

India -Rethinking Anti-Dumping Duties: A Competition Law Perspective
Prior to the enactment of the Indian Competition Act, 2002 (‘Competition Act’), the Supreme Court of India delivered a decision that has been consigned to irrelevance, yet poses interesting questions for the future of competition law in India.
Unnati Ashish Ghia (National Law School of India University/Kluwer Competition)

THE LATEST: FTC to Look Closely at Competition between Biologics and Biosimilars


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