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One major issue appears to have taken up a lot of time, sleep, and ink for the Antitrust community this summer: the prospect of breaking up the Big Tech firms, and how this sky-rocketing sector has changed, or should change, the way we think about regulation, competition, privacy, and much else. The shake-up has also revealed opportunities for new ideas and changes to some of the common pillars of merger review, market analysis, and remedies. An exciting summer to be sure…
Breaking up Amazon? Platforms, Private Labels and Entry
The European Commission just announced that it is investigating Amazon. The Commission’s concern is that Amazon is simultaneously acting as a ref and player…
Randal C. Picker (Truth on the Market)
When Writers are a Special Interest: The Press and the Movement to Break Up Big Tech
When Uber and Lyft brought competition to the Seattle taxi market, drivers fought back, asking the city to let them form a cartel to demand higher wages from rideshare companies. If that sounds anticompetitive, it is… 
Ramsi Woodcock (What Am I Missing?)
Companies, Board Members and Officers Take Note: U.S. Antitrust Agencies Are Focused on Interlocking Directorates
The FTC and the DOJ Antitrust Division have again warned companies, along with their board members and officers, of the legal prohibition on interlocking directorates…
Amy Ray & Diana Gillis(Orrick’s Antitrust)
Merger Lore: Dispelling the Myth of


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