Blog o’ Blogs October

Fall is here, and the dropping leaves are sure to blend in with the avalanche of changes (and corresponding paperwork) brought on by an increasingly bubbly Antitrust community. Major decisions regarding global companies are being reached, a deepening rift between European and US authorities starts to throw some interesting debates, and all eyes continue to strain as both Brexit and forceful Asian enforcement demand attention. Certainly looking like a lively last quarter in the world of Competition…

According to the longstanding case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (the “Court”), rebates which are conditional upon a purchaser buying all or most of its requirements from a dominant supplier (so called “exclusivity” or “loyalty” rebates) have been presumed to be abusive on the basis that they are by their very nature anticompetitive…
Isabel Rahman (Sheppard Mullin)

Antitrust Division to International Community: “Imperative that Competition Agencies Work Together”
For several years, the Antitrust Division’s investigations have been increasingly global in scope.  Acting Assistant Attorney General Andrew Finch made clear that trend will continue in remarks at a conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy held in New York earlier this month…
Amy N. Vegari & Melissa R. Ginsburg (Patterson Belknap Antitrust Update)


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