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Book Review: How the Chicago School Overshot the Mark

 |  April 27, 2009

William Kolasky, Apr 30, 2009

A senior official in the Bush Antitrust Division has defended [recent] judicial decisions as signaling not less antitrust, but better antitrust. How the Chicago School Overshot the Mark seeks to debate this proposition. The contributors to the book, which include some of the nations most distinguished antitrust scholars, argue forcefully that while many of the Supreme Courts decisions over the last 30 years were a necessary midcourse correction from the overly interventionist antitrust jurisprudence of the Supreme Court during Earl Warren´s tenure as Chief Justice, the federal antitrust agencies and the courts have now overshot the mark in adopting too laissez-faire an approach to antitrust enforcement. More importantly, they seek to offer specific proposals for reinvigorating antitrust enforcement, something Barack Obama has promised that his administration will do. With his new administration having just taken office in January, this book could not be more timely.

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