In this issue: Courts and authorities—both in the United States and Europe—have muddied the waters regarding various class issues. To try to clear things up a bit, we first asked two groups of authors—Donald Falk, Archis Parasharami, & Marcia Goodman and Jay Himes & William Reiss—to look at the 9th Circuit’s Dukes decision, which conflicts […]


In this issue: This issue, organized by guest editor Glen Weyl, concerns one of the hottest topics in antitrust and economics—two-sided markets. Understanding the distinction between conventional and two-sided markets is a necessary challenge for practitioners, corporate executives, and regulators alike; our writers investigate some of these differences. Lapo Filistrucchi questions how many markets are, […]


In this issue: Our Latin American issue is presented by Danny Sokol who, with Eleanor Fox, recently published Latin American Competition Law and Policy. In Argentina, Julián Peña takes a hard look at the increased judicialization of antitrust. Moving to Brazil,  Ana Paula Martinez, director of the SDE, provides a historical context for cartel enforcement […]


In this issue: On April 20, 2010 the Commission adopted a new Block Exemption Regulation applicable to vertical agreements. At the same time, it adopted the contents of accompanying Guidelines on vertical restraints. In a special two-part series, organized by Ioannis Lianos, we’re publishing nine comments. We lead off with four DG Comp experts presenting […]

How the National Competition Authorities’ Decisions Fed Into the Modernization of the EU Vertical Agreements Block Exemption Regulation and Guidelines: The Example of the French Autority de la Concurrence

Liza Bellulo, Umberto Berkani, Valerie Meunier, Jun 30, 2010 On April 20, 2010, The European Commission adopted a new Block Exemption Regulation on vertical restraints and its supplementary Guidelines. They replace the corresponding texts that dated back from 1999 and provide a new framework for analyzing distribution agreements for the next twelve years. The main […]


In this issue: This issue, with the help of guest editor Ruchit Patel, we’re looking at what topics are creating a buzz in one competitive arena, namely the United Kingdom. Brian Kennelly looks at the question of forum-shopping that the Provimi decision raises, Renato Nazzini gives us a refresher on the issue of Private Action, […]


In this issue: Our articles from Asia highlight the global commonality of competition policy challenges. David Round & Manish Agarwal report on new Australian legislation criminalizing cartel participation; Abdullah Hussain details the Jindal case challenging the powers of the new Indian Competition Appellate Tribunal; Teo Eng Cheong describes novel ways that a new commission can […]


In this issue: The intersection of agriculture and antitrust is the subject of recent high-level attention, as the DOJ and USDA look to unearth facts to answer the question: Has industry concentration produced unaddressed competitive concerns? In this issue, organized by Senior Editor Josh Wright, we look at two central questions. Peter Carstensen and Mike […]


In this issue: We welcome Spring with two collections. The first, sponsored by Senior Editor Kyriakos Fountoukakos, focuses on comments by inspired by DG Comp’s Draft Paper on Best Practices in Antitrust Proceedings–how to define due process? Our first two authors compare current practices to those in the United States and Sweden, to which we […]


In this issue: We’re taking a look at two pivotal cases. The Supreme Court’s American Needle case (involving the National Football League) could determine when a joint venture should be regarded, for antitrust purposes, as a single economic entity—creating an impact far beyond just sports leagues. Our three authors frame the arguments. And the Second […]