Change To The Judicial Activities Of The Court Of Justice As A Result Of The Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic

Owing to the unprecedented health crisis that we are currently experiencing, the Court of Justice is obliged temporarily to change its working arrangements.

Judicial activity continues, but priority is of course given to those cases that are particularly urgent (urgent proceedings, expedited proceedings and interim proceedings). Procedural time limits for instituting proceedings and lodging appeals continue to run and parties are required to comply with those time limits, without prejudice to the possible application of the second paragraph of Article 45 of the Protocol on the Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

By contrast, the time limits prescribed in on-going proceedings – with the exception of the abovementioned proceedings that are particularly urgent – are extended by one month with effect from today. Those time limits shall expire at the end of the day which, in the following month, is numbered the same as the day on which the time-limit should have expired or, if that day does not exist in the following month, at the end of the day of the last day of that month.