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Colombia: SIC gives AT&T/Comcast merger go-ahead

 |  May 15, 2017

Colombia’s Superintendence for Industry and Commerce (SIC) has given the local go-ahead to the proposed merger between AT & T and Comcast. Superintendent Pablo Felipe Robledo told José Miguel de la Calle, attorney at AT & T Inc., that the negotiation “does not create an undue restriction of competition, so it does not merit objections or conditioning.”

The operation has already been endorsed by authorities from different countries worldwide. “Specifically in the European Union, India and Colombia have not found any type of questioning, as it is an integration of companies that carry out different activities,” SIC reported.

“When integration is vertical, as in this case, the concern for competition authorities is whether the integrated entity resulting from the operation may restrict competition ‘upstream’ or ‘downstream’. That’s what market power looks at. Data available to the SIC shows that the resulting entity would control around 10% of the channel distribution market. Considering this relatively small share in participation and the purchasing power of the other major players, such as Claro, Telefónica or Tigo, the entity did not anticipate any troublesome effect”.

Fuente: Dinero

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