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The Spring 2012 issue of Competition Policy International takes a look back at articles that have challenged and advanced antitrust scholarship. We then take a step forward by asking the authors to provide updates on their works and explain how changes–or lack thereof–in competition law and policy have affected their views since the articles were published.

Letter From the Editor

Elisa Mariscal, Jun 20, 2012

Letter from the Editor – Spring 2012

CPI revisits its archives to see how much–or little–has changed in competition policy and law.

Protectionism in the European Union

Nelson Jung, Alex Nourry, Jun 19, 2012

Protectionism in the Age of Austerity – A Further Unlevelling of the Playing Field?

The European Commission’s recent decisional practice demonstrates its continued resolve to block the creation of national”or even European”champions where it considers that such mergers would significantly impede effective competition. Alex Nourry (Clifford Chance) & Nelson Jung (OFT)

Nelson Jung, Alex Nourry, Jun 19, 2012

EU State Measures Against Foreign Takeovers: Economic Patriotism in All But Name (reprint)

This article examines the compatibility of special rights and other state measures with the EC’s single market objectives within the framework of the EC Treaty and their impact on foreign takeovers and investments. Alex Nourry (Clifford Chance) & Nelson Jung (OFT)

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