Blog o’ Blogs February 2016

A new year in competition begins with several hot topics vying for attention. Shared rides still riling up theorists and jurists. Market definition proves elusive, and some exciting new developments in the developing world’s powerhouses rounds up our first look back at a hectic first month. Enjoy the ride, as it’s only getting started!


Is FTC v. Actavis Causing Pharma Companies to Change Their Behavior?
“Since 2004, brand­name and generic drug manufacturers have filed certain agreements with the FTC and DOJ as required by the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act (also known as MMA filings). Congress required these filings after the FTC raised concerns that some agreements between brand­name and generic drug companies had the potential to unlawfully delay generic drug entry and thereby undermine the goals of the Hatch­Waxman Act…
Jamie Towey & Brad Albert (Bureau of Competition)

Completing the European Single Market: Better regulation will lead to better business
Creating a seamless European market—the so called “Single Market”—is a top priority of the European Commission. It is a continuous effort to more towards an effective union—one in which people, capital, goods, and services move freely, and ultimately boosts prosperity.
Matija Laco (Future Development Blog)

Three reasons why industrial policy fails
Every government, throughout history, has been practicing some form of industrial policy—public polici…


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