Blog o’ Blogs January 2015

January 2015, Volume 5, Number 1
We’re starting the new year with controversy, debating Uber’s surge pricing. Then moving on to a hot FTC topic— trade associations; two looks back at 2014; a couple of questions regarding Apple’s pricing; and some thoughtful commentary on privacy, government conduct, choice, SEPs, and exclusive dealing.  
Surge pricing and political ignorance
Many types of public ignorance about economic and political issues have persisted for decades with no sign of abating, and this case might turn out the same way.
Ilya Somin (Washington Post)
Is Opposition to Uber’s Surge Pricing Irrational?
Although a practice may be efficient, it doesn’t follow that everyone is made better off by it. 
Eric Posner (Posner Blog)
Unflattering Resemblance
Recent FTC settlements involving trade association rules serve as a reminder that sometimes, a close family resemblance to bad kin can attract unwanted antitrust attention.
Geoffrey Green (FTC’s Competition Matters)
The Ethics of Trade Association Code of Ethics
To the FTC, however, they amounted to nothing more than unlawful limits on free competition.
Mark Katz (Kluwer Competition Law blog)
And the 2014 winner is…

I don’t know whether one can accurately describe there being ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in cartels, but the article…certainly highlights some interesting general trends in global cartel fining.

Sam Villiers (Chillin’Competition)

A Look Back at U.S. Antitrust Enforcement in


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