Blog o’ Blogs September 2015

September 2015, Volume 5, Number 9
We start with a controversial editorial by Robert Reich on Big Tech, move on to exciting happenings in Europe (Corbyn’s victory, damages, an attack on economics, etc.) as the FTC weighs in on several key areas (Sysco, power regulation, active investors). Plus much more.
Big Tech Has Become Way Too Powerful
The real question is how government organizes the market, and who has the most influence over its decisions.
Robert B. Reich (New York Times)
Would Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister mean the end of Competition Policy?

Indeed, embracing the fundamental principles of competition and consumer protection may be essential to creating a package of economic policies that are coherent enough to win over aspirational centre-left voters.

Andreas Stephan (Competition Policy Blog)

Old-school antitrust with modern economic tools
But in many ways, the decision [Sysco] represents no great leap forward on any particular point of law or economic analysis.
Debbie Feinstein (FTC Competition Matters)
A Takedown of Common Sense: The 9th Circuit Overturns the Supreme Court in a Transparent Effort to Gut the DMCA
Not only did the court shamelessly misquote the Eleventh Circuit in stretching to find a justification for its prefered position, the court actually ignored its own precedent to the contrary.
Kristian Stout (Truth on the Market)
What’s with this obsession with the objectives of EU competition law?

The more I dig into the case law a


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