Blog o’ Blogs December 2014

December 2014, Volume 4, Number 12
The year ends with some of our old favorites—Google, pharm, cartel, and high-tech—but also with authorities sending confusing messages, political interference, and pleas for common sense. But one message is timeless: Happy Holidays and New Year, everyone! Thanks for reading, and see you in 2015.
Investors and Consumers
Competition law works to benefit society, not necessarily investors in individual companies.
Kevin Coates (21st Century Competition)
Follow-Up Note on Another Missed Opportunity for the Administration of Justice Across Europe
The Council had a simple alternative on its plate, but chose the more complicated—and expensive—one. Another missed opportunity. 
Marc Abenhaïm (AntitrustConnect Blog)
Playing for the gallery—On the European Parliament’s resolution on the unbundling of Google
The true problem is that something is wrong with separation of powers (even in the peculiar EU context) when the legislative branch steps into the application of the rules and puts pressure on the executive—acting as quasi judiciary—to interpret and enforce the rules in a given way. 
Alfonso Lamadrid (Chillin’Competition)
Is the Antitrust Division Starting a Broad Investigation of Price Fixing in the Generic Pharmaceuticals Market?
Pharmaceutical companies and antitrust practitioners should be aware of the Antitrust Division’s “omnibus” method of evidence gathering evidence in these matters.
Joan Marshall (Cart


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