Blog o’ Blogs July 2014

It’s a surprisingly meaty month, given it’s Summer (for most of us). A number of agencies are looking at major reforms, including the EU on mergers and the FCC on net neutrality. There’s lots more, especially from Europe, where we even take a look at how Scottish independence might affect competition law. Stay cool.
Motorola Mobility and the FTAIA: A Deterrence-Based Definition of “Direct” Effect
What is lacking is a guiding principle for determining whether an effect is direct.
Joseph Harrington (Competition Academia)
Of Politics and Competition Law Commission (and on the Google Cases too)
Competition law can better serve its goals when dissociated from small politics.
Alfonso Lamadrid (Chillin’Competition)
The Need to Reform the Antitrust Sentencing Guidelines for Individuals
The main defect in the current guidelines is that the primary driver of an individuals’ sentence is the volume of commerce of the conspiracy.
Robert Connolly (Cartel Capers)
Putting the “Mod” in Order Modification
A lot has changed since 1998, especially in the world of toy retailing.
Kenneth Libby
 (FTC’s Competition Matters)
5 Main Themes Emerge in Net Neutrality Debate
With almost 800,000 comments and counting, the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality proposal is well on its way to becoming the most commented-on item in the history of the agency.
Gautham Nagesh (WSJ Washingto


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