Blog o’ Blogs June 2015

June 2015, Volume 5, Number 6
Besides the latest from SCOTUS, DG Comp, and the U.S. regulators, we have a number of international contributions this month—from, among others, South Africa, Canada, the ICN, and even Texas. And although he wasn’t an antitrust economist per se, we felt it important to note John Nash’s passing with a short tribute.
SCOTUS foreign antitrust cert denials show different tests for civil, criminal cases
Overseas conduct that gives rise to a criminal conviction in the United States may not give American companies a right to private damages even when the conduct has a direct effect on U.S. commerce. 
Alison Frankel (Reuters)
EU Antitrust Chief Throws the Book at Amazon
Margrethe Vestager fired a new warning shot at the online retailer, saying that the EU is targeting it not because the firm is U.S.-based, but because it is trying to “close the way of innovation.”
Sam Schechner (Digits WSJ)
How Netflix Keeps Finding Itself on the Same Side as Regulators

It probably didn’t hurt Netflix’s case that just about everyone in Washington watches the hit Netflix series “House of Cards,” and Comcast is the dominant Internet provider there.

James B. Stewart (Common Sense, NY Times)

U.S. Antitrust Reviews of Mergers Get Longer
But antitrust lawyers say the U.S. agencies have gotten more demanding in asking firms for long periods to conduct exams.
Brent Kendall (WSJ)
European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy Is St


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