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Developments in Anti-Monopoly Agreement Enforcement and Suggestions Regarding Compliance Programs in China

Jet Zhisong Deng, John Yong Ren, Feb 26, 2013

High profile cases, such as the LCD Panel Case and the Maotai Case announced in January 2013, have cast more limelight on China's anti-monopoly enforcement. China's Anti-Monopoly Law is entering its fifth year since taking effect on August 1, 2008. While regulations, rules, and actual cases are still in development, it is expected that these cases and others will further shape antitrust law not only in China, but also in antitrust practices around the world. Given this activity and importance, China's growing anti-monopoly enforcement poses a serious challenge to companies doing business in China, i.e., how to design an efficient antitrust compliance program that minimizes the legal risks?


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