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Economic & Legal Analysis of Collusion

 |  December 24, 2015

Collusion, whether in an explicit (e.g. cartels) or tacit form (e.g. price suppression in an auction), has become a prime target of antitrust and competition policy enforcement activities. Authorities have been not only imposed large fines but have also handed out prison sentences. It is crucial that antitrust professionals understand the market characteristics which are conducive to collusion, the economic benefits gained by the participants and the subsequent inefficiency losses that result from their activities.

This course provides a current and concise summary of collusion, using simple economic models, case studies and an overview of enforcement activity. The course was primarily designed for lawyers and antitrust professionals. We address ideas at the forefront of economics in such a way that the material is clear and accessible to non-economists. Familiarity with microeconomics at the level of an introductory college level course will be presumed.

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