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On Feb. 1, five new regulations implementing the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law came into effect, implemented by two key authorities, NDRC and SAIC. This issue, organized and introduced by Editor Adrian Emch (Hogan Lovells), explores these regulations in-depth. We’re highly honored to start with two articles from both authorities, introducing the rules in their own words. These are followed by insights from China experts working in the legal, academic, corporate, and public arenas, examining the regulations from different perspectives. This issue is a must read for anyone engaged in business in this dynamic region.


Update: China

Adrian Emch, Feb 28, 2011

China’s New Conduct Rules Take Effect

An introduction to the issue by Adrian Emch (Hogan Lovells)

Wan Jiang, Zhou Zhigao, Feb 28, 2011

NDRC’s Antitrust Practice

Giving an overview of NDRC’s antitrust practice, including enforcement actions, normative effects, and international cooperation. Zhou Zhigao & Wan Jiang (National Development and Reform Commission, P.R.C.)

Anti-Monopoly and Anti-Unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau, Feb 28, 2011

A Set of Five Regulations to Effectively Implement the Anti-Monopoly Law

Explaining the basic features of SAIC regulations, including important issues such as concerted practices and which factors justify abusive conduct. Anti-Monopoly & Anti-Unfair Competition Enforcement Bureau (State Administration for Industry & Commerce, P.R.C.)

Yue Bo, Nathan Bush, Feb 28, 2011

Adding Antitrust to NDRC’s Arsenal

Analyzing the new NDRC regulations by taking into account the evolution of the NDRC as an institution as well as its other regulatory tasks. Nathan Bush & Yue Bo (O’Melveny & Myers)

Michael Zhengping Gu, Feb 28, 2011

NDRC’s Antitrust Enforcement Decisions

Putting the new NDRC regulations in a broader context by drawing lessons from specific cases in which the NDRC enforced the AML. Michael Zhengping Gu (Zhong Lun Law Firm)

Ninette Dodoo, Feb 28, 2011

Keeping Pace with SAIC: Monopoly Agreements and Abuses of a Dominant Position

Conducting a detailed examination of the new SAIC regulations, then highlighting several important questions that arise. Ninette Dodoo (Clifford Chance)

Richean Li, Feb 28, 2011

Unraveling the Jurisdictional Riddle of China’s Antitrust Regime

Describing how antitrust enforcement powers are allocated in China, while explaining their historical basis. Richean Li (University of International Business & Economics)

James Jeffs, Feb 28, 2011

A Short Comparison of Certain Provisions of the new NDRC and SAIC Regulations

Screening, in detail, the NDRC and SAIC regulations to both highlight their differences and question how to reconcile concurrent jurisdiction. James Jeffs (Intel)

Dina Kallay, Feb 28, 2011

U.S.-China Antitrust Cooperation: Onward and Upward

Discussing the ongoing cooperation between U.S. and Chinese antitrust agencies, with a glimpse of possible future developments. Dina Kallay (FTC)