In Europe, the relations between National States and the EU receive constant attention, but in the United States relations between state and federal antitrust authorities only seem to get noticed when a state contradicts a federal action. But practitioners and corporate counsels—both national and international—would do well to pay vigilant attention. Our issue includes articles from state and federal authorities, as well as practitioners, presenting their perspectives on where any bumps in the relationship road might be. And many thanks to our editorial board member, Jay Himes, for helping organize this symposium.

U.S. State and Federal Antitrust Relations

Mark Tobey, Nov 14, 2012

The State of State-Federal Cooperation at the Antitrust Division: A View from the Front Row

We collaborate with our state partners because it makes practical and economic sense. Mark Tobey (U.S. Dept. of Justice)

Kathleen Foote, Nov 14, 2012

State-Federal Relations

No generalizations are possible, however, without distinguishing between merger reviews and non-merger situations. Kathleen Foote (California DOJ, Attorney General’s Office)

Elinor Hoffmann, Nov 19, 2012

State and Federal Antitrust Enforcement: Complementary or Just Confusing?

History has taught us that a multi-faceted approach works quite well in the context of our competition driven system. Elinor R. Hoffmann (New York Office of the Attorney General)

James Donahue, III, Nov 14, 2012

Joint State and


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