So much of European competition news deals with the financial & political centers: London, Brussels, Paris, etc. Yet many of the most interesting challenges are faced by Central and Eastern European countries. In many cases, they’re dealing with a triple challenge – converting to a market economy, dealing with an economic downturn, and creating new competition policy coordinated with the EU. Danny Sokol is presenting an issue that asks authorities, practitioners, and academics from Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, and Slovakia to weigh in on meeting these challenges. It’s been a tough road, and there’s a way to go, but the energy and commitment are truly admirable.

The Other Europe

Astrid Ablasser-Neuhuber, Gerhard Fussenegger, Oct 30, 2012

There Is Always a First Time: Competition Developments in Austria

Within the last couple of months, Austrian competition law has followed new paths. Astrid Ablasser-Neuhuber & Gerhard Fussenegger (Hgel Rechtsanwlte OG)

Miklos Juhasz, Oct 30, 2012

Recent Developments in Hungarian Competition Policy

The GVH has sought to strengthen the client-friendly features of the Authority. Mikls Juhsz (Hungarian Competition Authority)

Pal Szilagyi, Oct 30, 2012

Hungarian Competition Law & Policy: The Watermelon Omen

If we look at recent developments from a wider perspective, we can see some radical changes in the attitudes of the Hungarian legislature and the society. Pl Szilgyi (Pter Pzmny Catholic University )

Dina Lurje, Oct 30, 2012

Lithuanian Competition Authority Follows the Path to Prioritization

The reasoning behind the adoption of the Enforcement Priorities Notice was the intent to solve a conundrum faced by the Competition Council. Dina Lurje (Lithuanian Competition Authority)

Oana Stefan, Oct 30, 2012

Adapting to the EU Requirements: Recent Evolutions in Romanian Competition and State Aid Law

Romania has taken important steps recently to align its competition law to EU requirements. Oana Stefan (HEC Paris)

Zuzana Sabova, Oct 30, 2012

Competition Law in Slovakia: An Authority Viewpoint

Currently, a shift from a traditionally formal to a more economic approach seems to be a major challenge for the Office. Zuzana  above (Antimonopoly Office of Slovak Republic, Comenius Univ.)

Zuzana Hnatova, Oct 30, 2012

Slovakian Competition Law: A Practitioner’s Viewpoint

The Slovak republic does not have a long tradition in competition regulation, a condition predominately caused by the communist history of the country. Zuzana Hnátová (NH Hager Niederhuber Advokati s.r.o.)