Overview of Intellectual Property Policy and Law of China in 2017

Overview of Intellectual Property Policy and Law of China in 2017  By LIU Chuntian1 & WANG Jiajia2 (Renmin University of China)

As China’s economic development enters into a new normal of speed change, structure optimization, and dynamic conversion, intellectual property has become an important bridge and link for transformation of scientific and technological achievements to actual productivity, and also China has entered into the period of strategic opportunity to changing from a big country of intellectual property to a powerful country of intellectual property. Under the further drive of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” tide, it has become a national priority to build an intellectual property protection and application mode with Chinese characteristics. To carry out the goal to accelerate the construction of powerful country of intellectual property deeply and comprehensively, in January 2017, the State Council printed and distributed the National Planning of Intellectual Property Protection and Application during the 13th Five-year Plan, which became a general guiding principle document of strategic construction of powerful country of intellectual property, aiming to deepen the reform in the intellectual property field, get through the full chain of national intellectual property innovation, application, protection, management and service, improve the intellectual property protection, and strengthen the international influence of China’s intellect


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