Procedure Transparency in the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission

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Diana Tsai, Jul 15, 2015

In the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission, we trust that greater transparency will contribute to accomplishing our mission to maintain trading order and ensure free and fair competition. The implementation of procedure transparency helps companies comply with the competition laws and, as a result, effectively reduces the risk of law violations. The TFTC continues making efforts to raise competition awareness. On the basis of the TFTC survey, over 90 percent of participants who attended competition advocacy seminars, conferences, and related events in 2013 and 2014 have a better understanding of the Fair Trade Act.

A stronger procedure structure also provides parties under investigation opportunities to be heard and present evidence and arguments before being punished by governmental authority. To a greater extent, TFTC will be granted benefits from the fact that TFTC’s decisions would be challenged less often by the courts.

This article investigates procedure transparency at the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission and explores the recent amendments in the Fair Trade Act in the area of procedure transparency.



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