The Future of Antitrust: Comments on the HJC Report – Fireside Chat

Below we have provided the full text transcript from the Fireside Chat section of our conference, The Future of Antitrust: Comments on the HJC Report.

Maureen Ohlhausen Speaker


Great. I’m delighted to be here, certainly with my old friend and colleague, Tim Muris. Tim and I are going to have, I think, a good conversation about the future of antitrust, and what this new report from the House Judiciary Committee might mean. Before we look too far ahead, I think we also need to understand the foundation of antitrust and some of the issues that, I think, the report is focused on. But, Tim, let me turn it over to you to say a few words before we start our dialogue.

Timothy Muris Speaker

Timothy MURIS:

Thank you, Maureen. Let me thank CPI for hosting this. Tech issues, as you mentioned, are at the forefront of the antitrust debate, certainly at the forefront of what the House Judiciary Committee is doing. Mark Twain famously said that history might not repeat itself, but it rhymes. We’re certainly going to see that today, I think, in our discussion about what’s happening in antitrust.


Great. Well, thanks. I know I’ve been following what the committee has been doing. I testified last Summer at one of their hearings. I filed a comment on my own and a joint comment with this committee. Tim, I know you filed a comment, as well. But one of the things that struck me, as I followed the hearings, and particularly the one this Summer that had all the tech executives, was the co


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