The International Competition Community at Work

Paul Lugard, Jul 14, 2011

Over the past decade, the International Competition Network (“ICN”) has brought important changes to the substance, procedure, and administration of completion law. Founded in 2001 by 15 competition agencies as a virtual, practical, and results-oriented network of competition agencies to: (i) encourage the dissemination of antitrust experience and best practices; (ii) promote the advocacy role of antitrust agencies; and (iii) facilitate international cooperation among competition agencies, the ICN has since grown to 117 agencies from 103 jurisdictions.

Since its inception, the ICN has contributed significantly to the harmonization and convergence of procedural and substantive antitrust law and policy. ICN work products now cover most of the daily work of competition agencies in the fields of merger control, anti-cartel enforcement, and unilateral conduct, as well as matters that relate to the way competition agencies operate in practical terms; in particular, advocacy and agency effectiveness. With the participation of non-governmental advisers (“NGAs”), including private practitioners, academics, representatives of international organizations, and industry and consumer groups, the ICN has developed an impressive body of recommended practices, enforcement manuals, templates, reports on rules and legislation in force, databases, explanatory notes, and other materials.

The private sector has a significant and immediate interest in the work of th


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