US Regulators Reportedly Consider Forced Google Chrome Sale

The US Department of Justice is reportedly pondering a divestiture of several ad-tech assets, according to Politico.

Politico reports that the DoJ is considering the option as a part of its investigation into Google’s alleged antitrust violations. In the case, which is expected to start in the coming weeks, the tech giant and its parent company Alphabet are accused of abusing their power in the online search market.

The report notes that discussions about how to resolve Google’s dominance are “ongoing” and that no final decisions have yet been made.

Chrome, which was launched by Google in 2008, is the most popular browser in the world and has the largest market share in the US. However, it has been accused of using its access to users’ browsing habits in order to aid its digital advertising business.

In January, Google announced that it would stop using third-party cookies, which are used to track users’ movements from page to page across the web, in its Chrome browser within the next two years.