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Web 3.0+ Economics & Antitrust

 |  December 24, 2015

Do you play Farmville? David Evans does, and starting with his farm explores the economics that drives the new Web 3.0 ecosystem. David focuses on Apple, Facebook, and Google but his class is applicable to all the players engaged in this universe. He begins by noting that the competitive dynamics involve companies competing for users, developers, and ultimately advertising and commerce revenue. As a result, we’re seeing a new inflection point for the information economy which will have significant implications for antitrust policy and the authorities and practitioners who are involved. This 50-minute class is a must listen for anyone interested in this brave new world.

Watch and listen here:

Class: Web 3.0+ Economics & Antitrust

David Evans is Chairman, Global Economics Group, and holds teaching positions at the University of Chicago and University College London. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Competition Policy International.

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