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“From Collusion to Competition” – Third Issue

CPI Cartel Column edited by Rosa Abrantes-Metz (NYU Stern School of Business) presents the third issue of “From Collusion to Competition.” Welcome to the third issue of the monthly cartel column “From Collusion to Competition.” Today we have two excellent articles from Mexico. The first reviews the latest ICN Cartel Working group meeting which took […]

Second issue “From Collusion to Competition”

Welcome to the second issue of our monthly cartel column “From Collusion to Competition.”   This month we have two excellent articles from South Africa.  The first article discusses the recent procedural challenges that South African Competition Authorities have been facing when dealing with cartel cases related to complaints filed by the Competition Commission.  At […]

Fourth issue “From Collusion to Competition”

Welcome to the November Issue of our cartel column, “From Collusion To Competition.” This month’s issue is particularly special to me as it comes from beautiful Portugal, my native country. For that reason, our column will present three rather than two articles. Our first article is by Professor Manuel Sebastião, the President of the Portuguese […]

Beyond Detection: The Management of Cartel Cases

Diogo Thomson de Andrade, Carlos Ragazzo, Jul 24, 2012 Throughout the world, competition authorities are used to allocating much of their human resources to cartel detection and punishment. The main justification for this allotment is linked to the potential harm that these agreements pose for the economy and, foremost, to consumers. It is not a […]