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Our Autumn 2010 issue has cartels as its primary focus. Doug Ginsburg & Josh Wright argue for increasing punishment to the business people who participate in these price-fixing schemes. Competition authority heads Pieter Kalbfleisch and Mariana Tavares react as do economist Joe Harrington and lawyer Don Klawiter. Continuing the cartel theme are four papers on various historical and economic aspects of cartel enforcement by renowned economists John Connor, Rosa Abrantes-Metz & Patrick Bajari, Margaret Levenstein & Valerie Suslow, and Elisa Mariscal & Carlos Mena-Labarthe.

The next two pieces turn to China. Michael Jacobs & Xinzhu Zhang compare the Chinese approach to IP licensing with U.S. and EU laws.  For our case study, Drs. Ian McEwin & Corinne Chew examine a Chinese Court decision on the Baidu abuse of dominance claim. We end with Dennis Carlton & Sam Peltzman introducing a a reprint of George Stigler’s enormously influential A Theory of Oligopoly.

To download the entire issue as a single PDF, see the link at the bottom of this column.

From the Editor

David Evans, Nov 05, 2010

Letter From the Editor

We extend our thanks to this excellent set of contributors for an insightful collection of articles. David S. Evans (Editor-in-Chief)

Colloquium: Who Should Be the Target of Cartel Sanctions?

Douglas Ginsburg, Joshua Wright, Nov 05, 2010

Antitrust Sanctions

Corporate executives


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