CPI 3(2)

From the Editor

Richard Schmalensee, Nov 05, 2007

From the Editor: Autumn 2007

Our Autumn 2007 issue of Competition Policy International features a truly international collection of antitrust experts from the Asia-Pacific region, the European Union, and the United States.

Antitrust and the U.S. Supreme Court

Leah Brannon, Douglas Ginsburg, Nov 05, 2007

Antitrust Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1967 to 2007

In this article we suggest that the U.S. Supreme Court, far from indulging a pro-defendant or anti-antitrust bias, is methodically re-working antitrust doctrine to bring it into alignment with modern economic understanding.

Einer Elhauge, Nov 05, 2007

Harvard, Not Chicago: Which Antitrust School Drives Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions?

The U.S. Supreme Court has now decided 14 antitrust cases in a row in favor of the defendant. But this does not indicate an embrace of the conservative Chicago School over the moderate Harvard School.

Joshua Wright, Nov 05, 2007

The Roberts Court and the Chicago School of Antitrust: The 2006 Term and Beyond

This article examines the quartet of Supreme Court decisions issued during the 2006-2007 Term in an attempt to identify and characterize the antitrust philosophy of the Roberts Court.

A View from Chief Economists

Dennis Carlton, Michael Salinger, Nov 05, 2007

Economic Analysis of Competition Practices in the EU and the U.S.: A View from Chief Economists

This article is a transcript of the presentati


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