Online Advertising, Market Competition, Data and Transparency: Opportunities & Challenges for the Ads Ecosystem in Japan (Program Synthesis)


  • September 2019: Japanese Government established “Headquarters for Digital Market Competition” to – an organization comprised of experts with diverse and high-level knowledge in order to address the issues in the digital markets, including the ones caused by digital platforms.
  • February, 2020: Bill on Improving Transparency and Fairness of Specified Digital Platforms was introduced that specifically targets online malls and app stores.

Panel Summary

The Panel was moderated by Daniel Sokol (University of Florida) who noted that technological innovation or disruption limits the competition concerns arising from much demonized network effects. He also urged the Panel to reflect on the interplay of privacy concerns, digital advertising and competition law.

While Daisuke Korenaga (Tokyo Metropolitan University) gave a glimpse of the competition regulation landscape in Japan and briefly highlighted the different legislations that have been mooted in context of digital platforms, Prof. Renato Nazzini (King’s College London) discussed the developments in the EU and the UK in relation to regulation of digital platforms and noted how the UK approach is sounder and based on economic evidence, compared to the European approach. Daisuke Korenaga also made observations regarding differences between the Japanese approach (based on self-review and self-reporting) to transparency and the European approach (more rigorou


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