In our Autumn 2012 Journal, we present a Symposium on Tying, a Colloquium on Media Plurality, and a special article on the risks of excessive litigation for online platforms. Our Classic for this issue is Michael Whinston’s groundbreaking 1990 article. See below for a sneak-peak into each section – We hope you delve into the papers and enjoy this lively and thought-provoking debate among antitrust experts.

Letter from the Editor

Dec 20, 2012

Letter from the Editor – Fall 2012

A lively and thought provoking debate among experts (Elisa Mariscal)

A Symposium on Tying

Dennis Carlton, Michael Waldman, Dec 20, 2012

Brantley Versus NBC Universal: Where’s the Beef?

As with other important cases involving firms such as Kodak and Microsoft, the recent Brantley case raises interesting questions concerning appropriate antitrust policy in situations where firms practice a form of tying. Dennis W. Carlton (University of Chicago) & Michael Waldman (Cornell University)

Peter Carstensen, Dec 20, 2012

Tying Still a Competitive Evil

The central observation is that tying does, in fact, distort the market process and affects adversely both buyers and competitors, actual and potential, of the firm employing the tying device. Peter C. Carstensen (University of Wisconsin)

Daniel Crane, Dec 20, 2012

Tying and Consumer Harm

The Brantley court was correct in holding that some theory of anticompetitive effect from the tying arrangement


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